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Make Money with BodyArt!

  • Temporary Airbrush body art last for days
  • Patented Inventory Control System (U.S. Patent 7,249,712)
  • Huge margins, BIG profits
  • High impact systems that get you noticed
  • Sanitary applications = more business
  • Quick, easy, safe and profitable
  • Temporary Airbrush body art last for days
  • Best stencil design offerings based on industry trends
  • Cart System
  • Cart System
  • Cart System
  • Cart System

Body Art by Airtoo™ systems uses modern technology to turn the art of bodyart into a practical, profitable, add-on business that can generate substantial revenue. Body Art by Airtoo™ systems are engineered so no artistic ability whatsoever is required.

If you're looking to get into the temporary airbrush bodyart business for a theme park, birthday parties, malls, fundraising, promotions or what ever you have in mind, Body Art by Airtoo™ is the company you can trust.

Body Art by Airtoo™ can be found all over the world in some of the most popular destinations and used by some of the worlds top entertainment companies. We bring the same expertise to our clients no matter how small or how large.

Offering airbrush body art kits for just about any budget, we also offer our own line of Body Paint, NORAD Airbrushes, NORAD Manifolds, NORAD Compressors and the industries top selling stencil designs!